Visualising Crime Social Machines

Crime Social Machines Flare visualisation










After some fiddling, I’ve produced some visualisations (linked below).

This has come about as I’m preparing for my Viva; giving me a chance to talk through some of the reading and work I’ve done in the first year of my PhD.

As part of this process I’ve been trying to find ways to visualise what I’ve come across. Am pleased to have been introduced to – an incredible place (shown to me by the amazing emax ), and further in, the flare visualiser and some bubble-based visualisers at and 

The first is not quite what I want (as I need something that helps me to show areas of overlap – so probably something more cluster-based), and the classification itself isn’t quite right, oh, and also I’d like to be able to click through to links, oh and about ten other things… but it’s a start. The second isn’t quite right either; requires mousing-over, until I figure out how to make labelling happen. But they’re both helping me explore crime social machines and associated concepts, as well as think about how open data can work with these.

Flare visualisation:, and

Ontological circles:


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