Visualising Actors

Am having fun, but not being entirely successful, visualising my transparency actors that I’ve isolated. (In my literature review for my 9-month report on what I’m going to be doing for my PhD.) I’ll get there one day. At present this is rather uninformative – it’s actually just meant to be a way-point en-route to understanding the actors, processes, policies, mechanisms and technology involved in the history of transparency and crime data, which is something I’ve delightedly been romping through, but am less delightedly writing up.

I am slightly disturbed to note that there is NO MENTION of the Web, or, of:

Machines, morality, majorities, mandates, 
mechanically mapped mediative men. 
Ministers, methods, merely metropolis, 
models, monopolies, mentions & modem.

All of which, I see are in my lit review, but which seem to have escaped the notice of the text-miner. Ok, I removed some commas, just for fun. I haven’t really written about mechanically mapped mediative men, as distinct entities; in many ways I wish I had.

But the Web is, after all, what all the lit review is about, So I shall have to try again. As I said, I used a text-miner to pull out occurrences of words – what’s the betting that it routinely counts three-letter words as stop words? Not A Good Thing for Web Science.




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