Shooting Stars

Just wondering if in the olden days people had shooting star addiction, like we now have¬†internets addiction. And whether they might have had intense debates about how the night skies changed your brain. You know how you keep checking to see if just one more email’s come in, or someone’s responded to your comment…and that’s supposed to mean you’re *addicted* to the internets and that it’s changed your brain? It’s quite hard not to keep lying there on the damp grass in my garden and checking and re-checking for shooting stars,
even though I know I’ve got to go in and do stuff.

Mind you, maybe the web DID rewire my brain, and now stars get the same treatment as emails, and comments, and re-tweets. But not actual real post. For some reason, I don’t care if that arrives or not and don’t check and re-check. Maybe sousveilling for just one more shooting star is also a symptom of internets addiction, not a separate thing that could precede the current conversations and fears about being rewired by several millennia … The universe is my web.

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