fbi fingerprint files

Digital Policing – Crime in a Digital Age

Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people in the area of cybersecurity and cybercrime. I’m not sure how many actually want to be mentioned, but...

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humani victus instrumenta

When is an Experiment not an Experiment?

There have been so many comments and wise things written about the so-called Facebook experiment, I won’t seriously attempt to add to the deluge. But it struck me that interesting times will be...

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Classifying Policing Social Machines

Latest attempt to classify Policing Social Machines: using a Web Science approach. Some readers (ok, let’s be honest and say “reviewers”) seem to have been confused as to why I would do this...

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an example of a real-world dead drop - spies used the carcasses of dead animals to hide messages in.

Can We Emulate DeadDrops in the Virtual World?

This blog is intended for the Southampton Cybersecurity site, but at present I thought I’d put it on here, as there are some good Web Science questions involved. It also fits in with...

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Crime Social Machines Flare visualisation

Visualising Crime Social Machines

                  After some fiddling, I’ve produced some visualisations (linked below). This has come about as I’m preparing for my Viva; giving me a chance to...

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circos transparency actors

Visualising Actors

Am having fun, but not being entirely successful, visualising my transparency actors that I’ve isolated. (In my literature review for my 9-month report on what I’m going to be doing for my PhD.)...

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Shooting Stars

Just wondering if in the olden days people had shooting star addiction, like we now have internets addiction. And whether they might have had intense debates about how the night skies changed your brain....

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Lascaux star maps

Star Maps and the Shaft of the Dead Man

Looking at the use of crime hot spots in policing, along with crime maps and have just plunged rather briefly down a loooooooong rabbit-hole back 16,500 years to prehistoric times. Am delighted to...

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The Fleming Arms, bathed in disinfecting sunlight.

Classifying Crime Social Machines

Back to MaireEvans.co.uk Here (in the link) is an overview of what I’ve been up to recently, classifying crime social machines. I’ve got slightly obsessed with this and am now prone to lying in...

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Nothing to do with work. Just boats. Had a really lovely afternoon at Stokes Bay Sailing Club. Also found out about the dangerous, bloody world of Bouncy Castle hire. They should do a...

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